West Highland Yachting Week

30th July to 5th August 2016

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Sailing Instructions 2015

The Notice of Race and Entry Form for 2015 can be downloaded from this site here in PDF format.

To download the Sailing Instructions, just click on the links below. This will open the file, and you can then print it off. The text has been split into several files for ease of downloading. "Sailing Instructions" gives the basic rules applied to all races; the remaining files give the race details for each of the individual races.

Information for Competitors

Sailing Instructions

Bangor to Craobh Feeder Race

Bangor Crew List

Bangor Times Declaration

Gigha to Craobh Feeder Race

Gigha Times Declaration

Oban to Craobh Feeder Race

Craobh Race

Craobh to Oban Passage Race

Firth of Lorn Races

Oban to Tobermory Passage Race

Sound of Mull Races

Tobermory to Oban Passage Race

Addendum for Firth of Lorn / Sound of Mull Races


1. In accordance with NoR 4.4, Class Divisions will be as follows:

Class 0 - IRC to minimum TCC of 0.850 & minimum SSS of 10

Class 2 - Restricted Sail CYCA below 13.0 mins

Class 3 - CYCA under 15.25 mins

Class 4 - Restricted Sail CYCA 13.0 to 15.25 mins

Class 6 - Restricted Sail CYCA over 15.25 to 28.0 mins

Class 7 - CYCA 15.25 to 15.5 mins

Class 8 - CYCA over 15.5 to 28.0 mins

2. Following an unexpected surge of late entries in Class 3, it has been decided to split this class as follows:

Class 1 - CYCA handicaps 11.5 minutes and below

Class 3 - CYCA handicaps over 11.5 but below 15.25 minutes


Since going to print, we have been able to secure a 10% discount on the transit licence for the Crinan Canal.

For the Caledonian Canal, it may be possible to gain a 5% discount on the transit licence, when purchased at Clachnaharry, but this may only be for the north/south passage, and not the return. Check restrictions for return carefully on first arrival. Evidence of entry to WHYW will be necessary.

A fun-filled week on land and sea. Be sure to be there!

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